Why hello there; nice of you to drop in. Cup of coffee?


Hello, and welcome to Pezzarella’s Kitchen. My name is Astrid (aka Lopez, aka Pez, aka Pezzarella – hence the blog title)

Thank you for popping by – please do make yourself comfortable.

So, what is this all about, then? Well; as a Spaniard living in London for a few years now, and much as I enjoy the huge gastronomic variety that can be found in this beautiful city, I sometimes find myself hankering for traditional dishes as cooked by generations of Spanish and Asturian mums and grandmas. With this blog I aim to bring a little bit of my home to you, readers. I will therefore be posting traditional recipes (ReciPez) in as much detail as possible and with photos in glorious technicolour for your reading and cooking pleasure.

Some of these ReciPez will be sPezialities – i.e. tried and tested methods that I’m used to cooking over and over again, and some of them will be exPeziments – i.e. dishes I’ve never cooked before but which I will be sharing with you step by step and we can, together, discover the results.


Madreñes – traditional Asturian clogs, a gift from my very good friend Covi 🙂

A few of the dishes I have on the pipeline for you are tortilla (or Spanish omelette – my tip-top sPeziality), fabada (a traditional Asturian bean dish with lots of pork meat in it; fabada or worse – geddit??) and paella (an exPeziment – can you believe I’ve never cooked one?!)

One cautionary word: my ReciPez will describe for the most part the way I cook these meals, methods inherited from my mum and my nanas Conchi and Irene. Never will I claim that these are the only or the best recipes for a specific dish, and so if anyone has any comments or suggestions, I welcome them – as long as everyone plays nicely. After all, we are here with the purpose of sharing and enjoying a damn good meal. No?

So, with all this in mind… let the feast begin! Buen provecho 🙂

Pez x